Bandits beware: The cops are on your tail and out to catch you!

Since 2002, Florida's furry arts and entertainment convention has brought interactive fun and performance to the state of Florida. This year we welcomed honored guests FableFire, best known for her shirt designs, and Fizz Otter, known for his laser show art and laser-etched acrylic con badges. And as always, there were legions of panels, games, special events and musical performances.

This year's theme was "Cops & Robbers." 1,472 attendees joined us July 31 - Aug 3, 2015 in Orlando for some Furry Fun in the Florida Sun!

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Megaplex 2015 Results & 2016 Theme, Hotel, Dates

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Another Megaplex has come and gone. Thank you - all 1,472 of you - for coming and enjoying the furry festivities with us for a truly amazing year!

Attendees came from far and wide: 35+ states, and 5 other countries.
Total attendees in the parade - 359

Fablefire Medical Update

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Unfortunately Fablefire will be unable to attend Megaplex as Guest of Honor this year due to a medical illness. Read on for a message from her that she posted on FurAffinity. Please join us in wishing her a speedy recovery.

From FableFire:

Whelp, I've taken every medicine and supplement in my arsenal and tried every medical trick I have, but no luck. The fatigue and pain parade continues!So... I will not be able to make it to Megaplex this week. Very sad. I have been looking forward to this opportunity for a long time. At least everyone going can get a super awesome shirt still! I'll post the design later this week.


This weekend: If you send me a pic of your Megaplex badge via twitter, tumblr, or instagram, along with link to your ref sheet, I will do a freebie sketch for you!

Much thanks for all the well wishes. I will need to change up my medical strategy again so I can be good to go for Rainfurrest! :D

Twitter: @fablefire

Megaplex - Less then 13 days away. Charity/Panel/Events/DJ/Artists

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Holy cow!! Only 13 days left till Megaplex.
we have so many amazing panels and events this year. here are just a few :

- Do you like to dance? Then don't miss out on the dance competition auditions on Friday at 7pm and Saturday at noon in the the maple room. Then come and see the dancers compete on Saturday evening at 6pm in the main ballroom.

- Uncle Kage is back this year with another story hour. ( wine and awesome stories will happen )

Megaplex 2015 Program is Now AVAILABLE!!!

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Yes, you read that right. Megaplex has officially released this year's Program of events.

This year we are using so that all of our attendees can check out the amazing DJ's, Events, and Panels we have organized for Megaplex. So check it out.

View the Megaplex 2015 mobile app

Hotel Block is now Full

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Hello everyone. It is true. Our hotel block is now officially full.

Hotel Block closes July 9th

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This is just a reminder that on July 9th our Hotel block will close. Rooms are filling up fast so don't miss your chance to stay in our host hotel.

Reminder Panel & DJ submission deadline is Fri. May 1st

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If you're planning to submit a panel, DJ, or event to host at Megaplex 2015, get your submissions in now! This the last call!

You can help make Megaplex as action-packed as ever. Hosting an event is fun AND rewarding! Ever wanted to share what you know about art, performance or something else? There are attendees eager to learn from you! Or how about a meet-and-greet for your favorite species or a common interest?

For every hour of volunteer work at Megaplex (including hosting panels or events), we'll give you a $5 credit toward registration for Megaplex 2015.

I LOVE Megaplex Promotion – Here are the contest winners!!

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Throughout the month of February, users posted 200 unique photos of Megaplex experiences via Twitter and Facebook. We want to thank everybody who contributed to this social gallery. We're thrilled to see such wonderful memories being shared.

Artists, We Need Your Help!

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Are you an artist? Do you like to write short stories? Or maybe you like to express yourself artistically in other ways. Megaplex wants YOU.

We are currently seeking submissions for this years ConBook and Art for our showcase during the convention.

If you have a creative idea that you think delves into the dark world of criminals and robbers or the high intensity rush and adventure of a Cop then we would love to feature your work in our Con Book!

Details and submission info can be found here.