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Artist Alley Policy

The following policy applies to anyone wanting to sell personally created artwork in Megaplex's Artist Alley.

Location of the Artist Alley

The Artist Alley will be in a specific designated location within the main convention space. Sales will NOT be allowed in any other location in the convention hotel except by authorized dealers who have purchased space in the Dealer's Den.

Permitted Merchandise

The only items that may be sold in the Artist Alley are items that were made by the selling artist. For the purposes of this rule, at least 75% of a composite work must be the original work of the selling artist.

Use of Artist Alley Space

There is no charge for selling in the Artist Alley, but all seats in the Artist Alley are on a first-come, first-served basis. An artist may use only one space in the Alley at any given time, and can only leave their space for short periods of time (no more than fifteen minutes, and no more often than twice in a three-hour period). Spaces not clearly released but yet appearing to be abandoned after fifteen minutes may be claimed by another artist with the approval of the Artist Alley Director. Empty spaces may not be held for others.

Display and Behavior Guidelines

Please remember that not everyone may share your tastes, and that your behavior is representative of the entire fandom.

In accordance with state law, we must require that no adult material be displayed openly; for example, for art/print artists we request, where applicable, that two separate binders ("general", "mature") be kept. Additionally, any "naughty" parts of must be covered in some fashion (Post-It notes work well for this). This satisfies State and Local requirements about underage viewing and is discreet for purchasers.

Artists are responsible for keeping unsuitable material out of the hands of minors in the Dealers' Room. Minors will be clearly identifiable; more information on how to identify them will be available nearer to the convention.

In addition to the above rules, we have several other regulations that we ask artists to abide by:

  • No loud or annoying displays will be permitted, nor will floor stands or other free-standing displays be allowed.
  • Anything displayed (as well as the Artist's personal bags, etc.) must fit on top of or directly underneath the supplied table space.
  • Under no circumstance may personal items be stored or placed in the aisles beside the Artist Alley tables.
  • Electrical outlets will not be available in the Artist Alley. If you want power, consider buying a Dealer's Table.
  • No public music devices allowed at the tables. If you want to listen to music, it must be with headsets.
  • No weapons may be sold in the Artist Alley.
  • Due to space constraints, non-customers (e.g. friends of an artist selling in the Artist Alley) should be discouraged from hanging around the Artist Alley tables during peak times.
  • Artist Alley users (and all other non-Dealer attendees) are strictly prohibited from soliciting sales within the Dealer's Den. Violation of this rule can result in immediate revocation of the violator's membership with no refund.
  • The Artist Alley Director will have final say on all disputes in the Alley. You can appeal to the Chairman, but he's likely to decide in favor of the Director.
  • All Megaplex Policies apply in the Dealer's Den and Artist Alley!

Sales Tax

Per Florida Law, itinerant merchants are required to collect sales tax for sales of new or used goods. The sales tax rate in Orange County is 6.5% (6% State, .5% County).

The collection and remittance of taxes to the State is the responsibility of the individual dealers. The Florida Department of Revenue has a Guide to Sales Tax for Convention Exhibitors and you can fill out much of the required paperwork on the DOR Website.

EVERY DEALER AND ARTIST ALLEY ARTIST will be required to show us that they already have a sales tax certificate, or we will be providing a sales tax packet to each and every dealer or artist alley artist that intends to make sales. We will be documenting who we give a packet to. It is up to the individuals to be sure they report and submit.