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The Opening Ceremonies Charity Challenge...

With Megaplex just around the corner, we thought we would share a little information with you about our charity fund raising efforts.

Between the last two years combined, Megaplex attendees generously raised $8,295 for The C.A.R.E. Foundation. We think it's possible to do much better than that. So we have really pushed ourselves in creative ways to think about how we can help raise money for charity. We're organizing a fursuit bucket brigade, and we have some really rare and nice items that will be in the charity auction. BUT...there's one more thing we haven't publicly revealed until now!

To really help raise money for charity, we will have a little "challenge" at Opening Ceremonies (Friday morning at 10:00) for everyone to take part in. Folks will have the opportunity to donate cash to the charity, aiming for a modest goal of $500 before the end of Opening Ceremonies. And what exactly happens if that goal is met? Well, we approached our co-chairman and Master of Ceremonies KP with a special idea. It took a lot of coercion (and quite a few drinks) to pry some semblance of an agreement from him, but if we raise our first $500 at Opening Ceremonies, KP will begrudgingly don a new "fursuit." And by that we mean the pink bunny pajamas from "A Christmas Story!"

If we raise progressively larger amounts, things get slightly more interesting: At $1,000, KP will wear the bunny suit all day Friday until registration closes, including at the dessert social (weather permitting).

If we go on to raise $2,000 in charity donations before Saturday morning, KP will be stuck in that bunny suit all day Saturday as well, until registration closes. That includes the fursuit parade.

Raising $3,000 before Sunday morning will keep the bunny suit on KP for all convention hours while registration is open, up to closing ceremonies.

Now, it occurred to us, why stop there? Besides our own co-chairman, whose dignity could we sacrifice in order to help animals in need? Enter scientest, storyteller, and Anthrocon chairman Uncle Kage!

Somehow we got Uncle Kage to agree that if we raise $12,000 (which is almost 3x the largest amount the convention has EVER raised in a single year), he will don the bunny suit for his Story Hour and for any and all panels/appearances he has thereafter. And there's no backing out of it.

Finally, Fox Amoore, former Megaplex guest of honor and creator of the album Come Find Me, has agreed that if we raise a collective total of $15,000, and if the bunny pajamas are not covered in too much spilled wine, he will wear it to perform a piano piece.

All of this is in good fun, and we thank those SUCKERS...err...gentlemen who have "kindly offered" to wear the bunny
suit for their assistance in helping our charity.

So with that said, let's raise some money for The C.A.R.E. Foundation!