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The Hotel: Orlando Airport Marriott

Megaplex is returning this year to the Orlando Airport Marriott in Orlando, Florida.

BOOK NOW at our special group rate of $99/night.

The room block is now CLOSED. If you need to find a room, check our Room Share forums!

Group rate: $99/night plus taxes and fees

Parking: Free for Megaplex guests in our room block for up to 2 cars per room. (Please note that the hotel's standard parking fee may still be displayed on your reservation info.) Visit the hotel's website for regular rates.

7499 Augusta National Drive      (View in Google Maps)
Orlando, Florida 32822

Click here to book a room online, or call 407-851-9000 or toll free at 1-800-380-6751, and ask for the Megaplex group rate.

Rooms are available with 1 King bed or 2 Double beds. To select a type of room click on the Room & Accessibility Preferences (Optional) link when making your reservation.

Hotel suites (subject to availability) are outside of our group block. If you book a suite, please send your reservation information to the convention so you can take advantage of the free parking (2 cars per room).

Note: The group rate will be available until the end of Wednesday, July 9, 2014, or until all rooms are booked.

The room block is now CLOSED. If you need to find a room, check our Room Share forums!

Visit the Orlando Airport Marriott website to learn more about the hotel. For Megaplex-related hotel questions be sure to read our FAQ.

Warning to Debit Card Users

The hotel puts a hold on debit cards at check-in for the estimated cost of your stay, including potential incidentals.  You will not be able to access the funds in your account under this hold until it clears, and the hold can sometimes remain for several days after you check out.  We highly recommend that you check in using a regular credit card if you can, or else try to reduce the hold amount by asking the hotel to turn off all "extras" (i.e. pay-per-view TV, long-distance, etc.) for your room when you check in.

Room & Ride Share

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