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Guests of Honor

Megaplex has two highly talented Guests of Honor for 2014: Mary Mouse and TaniDaReal!

Mary Mouse

MaryMouse's fursona (hosted on Wikifur)

Mary Minch, also known as Mary Mouse, is a mostly self-taught freelance cartoonist and comic book artist from Cleveland, Ohio. She's been drawing talking animals "for over 20,000 years," and greatly admires such artists as Jeff Smith, Evan Dorkin, Don Bluth, and Glen Keane. Mary spends her time traveling across the country to fan conventions, collecting experiences and selling wares.

Mary produces a self-published comic book series entitled "Mice." She is the creator of pre-made badges and tags including the "Certified" series which she has been selling since 2011. Mary was also featured as a guest of honor at Furry Connection North 2010 and Texas Furry Fiesta 2012.

Mice Comics official website:
"Mary Mouse's Stash" (web store):

Find Mary Mouse on...
  Fur Affinity: marymouse
  DeviantArt: marymouse
  LiveJournal: marymouse
  Twitter: @lilgreymouse


TaniDaReal photo

I'm living in Germany together with my husband and our two cats. My profession is media designer (for print and digital products / webdesign, which I also enjoy doing for private projects) and I'm an artist in my free time. The first contact with the furry fandom I had in 1999 (actually I started with the Lion King fandom), when I first got internet access and found out that I am not alone with my fondness for furry creatures.

My husband Nightfox and I both love good food and travelling (like road trips in the USA and attending furry conventions) and we are very blessed having great friends all over the world. We dedicate a lot of our time to Eurofurence, where Nightfox is the vice-chairman and I am part of the Charity Team and The Pawpet Show (where I played, among others, Mika the snow leopardess and did the backdrop designs).

Never Do That Again! by TaniDaReal

I have loved drawing (animals / anthropomorphic characters, mostly feral forms) and creating things of all kind since I can remember. The greatest thing about being an artist is that you can create worlds, bring characters to life, express your feelings, make people laugh or cry (in a good / artistic way). Personally I've always been a fan of emotional, funny and expressive artwork, which influenced my drawing style a lot. My inspirations to draw I take from things that I love, like the fondness for certain species or characters, nice sceneries, funny situations, favorite movies, series or books. The best ideas I simply get from life and keeping my eyes open.

I love both doing ditgital artwork (Photoshop and graphic tablet) and working with real media (for example water colors or Copic markers), as well as creating t-shirt designs and merchandise like my Mood Badges or calendars. Fursuits are a lot of fun to me, both performing and building them, although making fursuits is just a hobby I can do once in a while (due to my limited free time). In the past, I have build fursuits like the early snow leopard version of Tani, the old version of Savoy and Daiquiri, the African vampire wilddog. The love for creative works of all kind makes me want to try new things, for example I also built sculptures or made plush animals myself.

Anything For You by TaniDaReal

I always had a spiritual and very close connection to wolves (my totem animal). The furry character I chose for myself was a snow leopard at the beginning (one of my favourite animal besides wolves), which finally turned into the combination of my spiritual side (the wolf) and the snow leopard - the "Schnolf".

Animals are my life, so of course supporting animal charities is of great concern to me. Thank you to all for helping to make this world a better place. A percentage of the money I make with my artwork is donated to animal charities.


TaniDaReal's websites and galleries: (Fursuit Making of website) (The WeuUkoo Wolves) (plush animal collection)