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Charity Auction

Here are some of the cool items to be auctioned for The C.A.R.E. Foundation at Megaplex 2014. Donations are welcome at the door!

Once again this year, Megaplex is pleased and honored to have The C.A.R.E. Foundation as our charity.   As in past years, our friends at C.A.R.E. are scheduled for a special presentation at the convention, allowing our membership to meet some of the many animals they have rescued.  After the presentation, we will be holding our annual Charity Auction ... and that's where you come in!  We're looking for artwork, memorabilia, collectibles, and other merchandise that can be auctioned off to raise money for C.A.R.E.  One hundred percent (100%) of all sales go to the charity. Help us make a difference by donating what you can!   A couple of rules :

  1. All merchandise needs to be in salable condition - clean, in good shape, all parts included, etc.
  2. As the charity auction is an all-member event, all merchandise should be 'safe-for-work'.  Basically, if you would need to drop a warning on it when posting to an art site, we'd have to decline it.  (If you want to run something by us to see if it's okay, send MP-Charity an e-mail.)

So, how to donate? Glad you asked...

  1. We recommend bringing your donation with you to the convention, at which time you can drop it off at Registration. We'll have those locations identified on-site.  Please try to get your donation to us on Friday, so we have time to determine what items will be auctioned in what order.
  2. If you would like us to display what you're donating ahead of time (especially as pertains to artwork), please contact MP-Charity.  We'll be happy to post photos and artwork.
  3. If you cannot attend Megaplex this year, but would still like to donate merchandise, send MP-Charity an e-mail to verify what address to send it to.  Note, any mail-in donations must be received one week before the convention for logistical reasons.

Of course, if you cannot join us this year, but still would like to help, contact C.A.R.E. directly.   They'll really appreciate it!   If you have any Charity Auction questions not answered here, please contact MP-Charity.  Thank you for your help!

Looking for more information about C.A.R.E.? Check out our charity page, or visit