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Contact Us / Staff List

This convention would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff.
If you can't find the department you're looking for below, send your comments to our general feedback address:

mp-feedbackatmegaplexcon [dot] org

Legal Information

Pawpet Live Experience Inc. is a class C corporation operating out of the State of Florida.

The Board of Directors for PLEx Inc. are:

Megaplex Logo

President: Randy Fox yappyfoxatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Vice President: John Cole kpatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Board: Zachary Friedrich skippyfoxatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Board: Kyle D Bergeron wolfpacatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Board: Matthew Pence stitchatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Board: Erik Johansen hinoatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Board: Carlton Hurdle Jr shymatsiatmegaplexcon [dot] org

The Megaplex Team

Art mp-artatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Art Lead:
  • K.P.
Audio/Visual mp-avatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Audio/Visual Director:
  • STiTcH
Audio/Visual Assistant Lead:
  • Alakai
Audio/Visual Staff:
  • Karahkwa
  • Ryku Elcar
  • Scooby
  • Simba
  • Syberius
  • Tahn
  • Torien
  • Yappy Fox
Charity mp-charityatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Charity Auction Lead:
  • STiTcH
Dealers Den mp-dealersatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Dealers Den Lead:
  • Gen
Hospitality mp-hospitalityatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Hospitality Director:
  • Shy Matsi
Hospitality Suite Staff:
  • Grylor
  • Nyght Panthyr
  • Takala
I.T. mp-itatmegaplexcon [dot] org
IT Director:
  • Rees
IT Staff:
  • Crenn Tive
  • Digiroo
Logistics mp-logisticsatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Logistics Lead:
  • Yappy Fox
Logistics Staff:
  • Aurius
  • Scooby
Photography mp-photoatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Photography Lead:
  • Tsuka
Photography Staff:
  • Tokon
  • Tonka
Programming mp-programmingatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Programming Lead:
  • Cosmik
Programming Assistant:
  • Blitz
Master of Ceremonies:
  • K.P.
Programming Staff:
  • Dingoroo
Dance Track mp-danceatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Dance Lead:
  • Cosmik
Dance Competition mp-dancecompatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Dance Competition Lead:
  • Ty Pupsky
Fursuit Track mp-fursuitatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Karaoke Track
Karaoke Lead:
  • Muira Wolf Pup
Karaoke Staff:
  • kuppycake
Promotions mp-promotionsatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Promotions Lead:
  • skippyfox
Promotions Staff:
  • Wildwolf
Publications mp-publicationsatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Publications Lead:
  • Kittrel
Registration mp-registrationatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Registration Lead:
  • Yappy Fox
Registration Staff:
  • >B.r.a.c.e_B.e.a.r<
  • Blitz
  • Lokai
  • PookieFX
Security mp-securityatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Security Director:
  • Wolfpac
Security Assistant Lead:
  • Mini Zee
  • Urson
Security Staff:
  • Brejar HowlynStar
  • Brill
  • Dusty Fox
  • FermentedSkunk
  • GinoDahusky
  • Horus
  • Kiku Otter
  • Leonard Goldmen
  • Puck
  • Rose
  • Zarrix
Video Game Room mp-gamingatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Gaming Track Lead:
  • Seth Arkada
Gaming Track Assistant:
  • Inukaza
Gaming Track Staff:
  • Helios KoKin
  • NovaFox
  • Sekioh
  • Starrik Kyrubui
Volunteers mp-volunteersatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Volunteers Lead:
  • Amythest
Website mp-websiteatmegaplexcon [dot] org
Website Lead:
  • skippyfox
Website Staff:
  • Yappy Fox