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Convention Book

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Megaplex is looking for artists and writers to help add a splash of entertainment to our souvenir program book.  Artwork must be scalable to a 8.5 x 11 size. Anyone not attending the convention whose work is selected for the convention book will be sent a copy of the final book after the convention.

Submission Deadline and Procedures

Please send in your submissions in by June 15th, 2014. Submissions received after that date will not be accepted.  Electronic files can be sent via email to mp-publicationsatmegaplexcon [dot] org.  If you need to send artwork via regular mail, email the editor at mp-publicationsatmegaplexcon [dot] org for further instructions.  Please note that the editor reserves the right to modify for content and space requirements.

We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2014 Megaplex convention book, but if you would like to submit material for the 2015 convention book, just keep checking back here and we will post an update when we are ready to start accepting 2015 submissions.

Convention Book Rating

All convention book submissions must adhere to a G or PG rating (think movie rating system).

Art Submission Guidelines

Artwork must be either black and white line art or shaded and ready for final printing. It can be mailed or submitted electronically.  Files should not be larger than 8.5"x11".  File formats allowed are high-quality (300 to 600 dpi) .jpg or .tif, or Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps, 9.0 or lower) with all artwork converted to outlines.

Story Submission Guidelines

All story submissions must be made via email and in plain text format (e.g. a .TXT file). Please keep stories to no longer than five to seven (5 to 7) pages and include any illustrations separately, following the artwork guidelines listed above.  Do note that we cannot guarantee that illustrations can be included with stories; illustrations will be added as space allows.

Advertisements and Ad Exchanges

Advertising space in the convention book is being sold this year via our registration system.  Please visit the Registration Page to purchase advertising space.  The advertising submission deadline is the same as the art and story submission deadline.  Advertising art and images should follow the same guidelines as listed above for general artwork submissions.

Submission template
Guideline template for ad images

Megaplex is open to doing free ad exchanges with related events that have a reasonable attendance.  If your event qualifies and is willing to place a Megaplex ad in its convention book, Megaplex would be happy to return the favor.  For more details, please send an email to mp-promotionsatmegaplexcon [dot] org