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Our Charity: C.A.R.E.

One of the CARE Panthers
Elita, a Florida Panther housed at CARE who was "Adopted"
by Megaplex as of July 29th, 2010 - Photo (c)2011 Yappy Fox

The CARE Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 Exotic Animal Rescue and Wildlife Education Facility.  They currently house over two hundred animals including Big Cats, Black Bears, Monkeys, Birds, Crocadilians, Various Reptiles and Assorted Wildlife.  They provide a variety of educational programs for schools, resorts, local attractions, and general public appearances throughout the community.

In 2006, the CARE Foundation moved to its new home located in Apopka, Florida.  This new facility features a guided tour of their animals and several Educational Programs.  The Highlight of this Tour is their "Native Florida Wildlife" area, which is dedicated to the school children of Central Florida.

Each year, Megaplex holds a Charity Auction where donated items are auctioned off to convention attendees, with all of the proceeds going directly to support CARE.  Since 2005 Megaplex has raised a total of $23,411 for the organization. This money was used to help CARE improve and expand its facilities, including building new tiger enclosures. Megaplex was also able to adopt Elita, a CARE Florida Panther, helping to provide her with food, shelter and veterinary care.

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