Megaplex XII: Rocking at the Hop

On July 26-28, 2013, just 40 days away, Megaplex will be rocking at the hop at our new home, The Orlando Airport Marriott in Orlando, FL!

We'll be honoring the presence of two amazing and talented guests this year: Artist and animator Cerberus (aka Tirrel) [FA], [NG] and musician Fox Amoore [Web], [FA], [Wiki].

Register now, and book your room!

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Panels, events & DJ submissions are being accepted until June 15th

Hi folks,

We're extending our deadline for submissions for events, panels and DJs through to Saturday, June 15th. This is the same deadline as contributions for con book art and stories.

You can enter your submission using the form found here, and information on con book contributions is here.

Remember, time contributed for all panels and events counts as volunteer time!

Con Book Submissions Due June 15th (Less Than Two Weeks!)

All con book submissions (including convention ad swap image files) are due by 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday, June 15th.  For more information on our submission guidelines, please see our Con Book page.

Preliminary Event List Posted

Head over to our Events page to see our preliminary event list for Megaplex 2013 Rockin' at the Hop!  This is just a taste of the fun - there's much more to come, so keep checking back for more updates.

We're also hosting a bowling outing again this year! All of the details are on our bowling page.  A few things have changed this year, so be sure to read the bowling page if you are planning to attend this outing.

Staff and Volunteer Openings Available for the Game Center

For all gamers who not only want to attend Megaplex, but also are interested in contributing to it, we have some openings available for the Megaplex Game Center. We welcome gamers across all types (console games, board games, card games, and the like) amongst all generations (1970s games all the way up to the current day). After logging in to the Megaplex site, you can fill out a staff application here.

And it isn't just extra hands that would be of great help: If you wish to contribute or loan equipment (such as displays, systems, controllers, game media, board and card games) please contact the staff to arrange for providing equipment. We know gaming is also a major part of a convention for many people that attend, so we would love your help to improve this portion of the convention considerably.

Attention All Dealers and Artist Alley potentials!

This year, we are going to have a little bit of a change for the Dealer's den and artist alley. In order to be sure we are in 100% compliant in sales tax obligations, we are going to be ensuring that everything is above board. If you are going to be selling goods at the con, either in the dealer's room or artist alley, you will need to provide proof of a current valid Florida sales tax certificate. If you do not have a tax certificate, we will be taking down the name of any one selling goods at the convention, and issuing them a sales tax packet as provided to use by the state of Florida.

We will not be policing if people actually file correctly, but we will be documenting that at least we made sure that every person selling was provided with the correct information to submit their sales tax on collected revenue.

Thanks to Everyone Who Backed "Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer"

Thanks to many massively generous contributions, we're currently at our goal to bring Fosgate to Megaplex! More information on the show will be made available as we get closer to the start of the convention.

Help us Bring "Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer" to Megaplex!

If you liked Julie Bunny, you'll love Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer, but we can only bring this magical stage show to Megaplex with your help.  The show producer needs funding to be able to stage another production of this show, so he's setup a Kickstarter Account to collect donations.

Every little bit helps, even just a $1, but donate $10 and get your name listed in the program, or donate $25 or more for additional goodies!  Check out the Kickstarter Account for all of the details.  Just keep in mind that time is of the essence due to the complex planning involved, so at least $2,500 in donations must come in by Sunday Mar 3, 11:59pm EST or the show won't go on.

For more information on Fosgate: Ferret Lone Officer, please see this review of the show at the Orlando Fringe Festival.

You can be in Cerberus' next video!

UPDATE: We're sold out of video spots! Thanks to everybody who pre-registered as a supersponsor or gigasponsor! And don't forget, we offer other incentives for sponsoring. :)

Do you enjoy the Rockoons videos? Would you like to have your character included in Cerberus’ newest animation? Here’s a rare opportunity for you to have exactly that.

Our Guest of Honor Cerberus is creating a special animated video for Megaplex. He has agreed to include the first 10 members who pre-register as a Supersponsor or higher in the video finale. So you can help out the convention AND have your character included in a one-of-a-kind music video! How cool is that?!?

Read on for more details.

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