Megaplex 2012: Turning Back the Gears

Dealer's Den

Megaplex has a Dealer's Den where you can sell your art, comics, clothing, DVDs - whatever you'd like to show! We have eliminated our PG only rating under certain restrictions that are outlined in our Dealer's Den Policies.

Dealers Den reservations for 2013 have not opened yet. They will open around the time that we open up pre-registration for 2013.

Table reservations are made when you register for the convention. Just fill out the Dealers Tables section on the second page of the online registration form.

Full tables are only $50 grab one for yourself, or find a partner to share. Either way, reserve early!

We only have -1 tables left out of 12 total tables available and they are all first come, first served!

At the moment, we are out of Dealer's Tables, but you can still request to be put on our Dealer's Table waiting list by emailing us. Should anyone cancel their existing table reservation, people on the waiting list will be contacted in the order in which they registered. You do not have to pay to join the waiting list, but if a table becomes available for you and you want to take it, you'll have to pay for it within a few days of being notified.

For 2012, the Megaplex Dealer's Den will be open Friday through Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM. There will be an hour of setup and breakdown time for dealers only immediately before and after that time block each day. Additional setup time may be available on Thursday evening as well.

Megaplex will also be hosting an Artist Alley this year. Please see our Artist Alley policy page for more information.

List Of Dealers attending Megaplex 2012

Dealer NameDealer Info
Rogue's Herbal Garden   Handmade aromatherapy bath and body products and fursuit friendly scents! Stop by and create your own custom scent at our scent bar!
MegaWolf   Art Supplies, Print Services, Shiny Things, and now making Custom Vinyl Decals! Need prints of your artwork to sell at the con? Specific art supplies? Favorite glowy thing? Let me know! Will be offering custom brass plate etching in the near future. megawolf ANTIMATTER bellsouth ANTIPASTO net !
Gen  Little Tales the webcomic and Livestream show by Genesis Whitmore, live and in person. You can get badges, full sized commissions, paperback copies of the webcomic, and all sorts of other cool goodies!
Glow Den  
Kitsune_rei   Fox-Dream Arts and Crafts
I am a one-fox studio specializing in both art and crafts. I offer badge and regular commissions in varied styles, prints, and other art as well as have customizable chokers, necklaces, bells, charms, keychains, buttons, and magnets.

Melde   Just a dragon-girl who will do traditional badge commissions for you! I will have prints, bookmarks, and other fun things as well.
Arix's Emporium   I'm still a relative "young blood" to the whole "Dealer" thing, however I've got a year under my belt. I will be selling a number of different products such as glow sticks, glow necklaces, LED pendents, LED and Poi sticks, and last but not least LED barware. Shot glasses and 16oz drinking glasses. My signature "Lava Shell" products will also be on sale as well in limited quantity, but will be available for custom order as well.
Mosa and Pink Pepper   I will be selling prints, portfolios, originals, and commissions.
Manny Cartoon  
Gugs   Going to be doing loads of at-con commissions :3, feel free to stop by and look at my stuff or just say hi!

(Guggles @ FA)
Noel MacNeal