Megaplex 2012: Turning Back the Gears


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Megaplex XI is over!

Greetings my friends. Megaplex XI has come to an end. This year, the convention was larger and more successful than it's ever been before. We want to give credit where credit is due...and that's to all of you. To every attendee who spent time with us this weekend and had some fun, we want to thank you for helping to make Megaplex XI the fun filled convention that it was.

This year, we had 625 attendees and 142 attendees in the fursuit parade. We were also able to raise $4,257 for our charity, C.A.R.E. Those numbers are all record breakers for us, and we want to thank everyone involved for making it possible.

We also want to thank our Guests of Honor, Noel MacNeal and Ron Schneider for being a part of our event. We were truly fortunate to have such warm, wonderful, and talented guests. If you missed the chance at the con, check out Ron Schneider's newly published book "From Dreamer to Dreamfinder" and Noel MacNeal's book "10 Minute Puppets." Once again, thank you gentlemen for spending a weekend with us.

We do value the opinions of our attendees. So we'd like to know what you think. What did you like? What can we do better? What would you like to see? Please email us your feedback and let us know. This is your convention, and we'd like to know your opinion.

As sad as it may be to think of the convention being over, fear not! Because as we speak, we are already planning for newer and better things for Megaplex 2013! Our theme for next year is: "Rocking at the Hop" and we'll be inviting all of you to join us at our retro styled sock hop for a lot of fun times! We have many special things already in our amazing guest of honor...Fox Amoore! This is one talented musician, and he'll be making his U.S. convention debut right here at Megaplex! We'll have many more announcements as the next convention approaches. Mark that date on your calendar. It's July 26, 2013.

The radio's rockin'
The jukebox is ready to bop.
It's full of fun and friendship
And laughter that just won't stop.
Join us at Megaplex 2013
We'll be "Rockin' at the Hop!"

Share your pics and videos of Megaplex with us!

If you took photos or video of Megaplex 2012, we'd love to see your footage. Feel free to share a link to your stuff here, on our LiveJournal or FA page, or better yet upload them directly to the Megaplex Archives! If you're looking for pics and vids, our archives are a great place to start.

Programming Spotlight: Fursuit-friendly Bowling

Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8 PM, Megaplex is continuing its tradition of hosting an Off-site Bowling Outing for Megaplex XI: Turning Back The Gears. This is a fursuit-friendly event, with an indoor changing area for costumers and plenty of water available. All attendees, fursuiting or not, are welcome to participate, so come have fun with us!

Please be aware that the cost of any off-site outing is NOT INCLUDED in your convention registration! If you wish to participate in an off-site outing you will have to pay extra as described below.

Attendees are also responsible for providing their own transportation to and from any off-site outing. Megaplex will try to arrange transportation to off-site outings for those who need it, and to help us out we ask that anyone willing to drive and take others with them please contact the event coordinator during the convention.

You can get directions to the bowling alley below. We'll also have directions printed out in the convention area.

Charity Poker Tournament details

Here are some important details if you plan to participate in the Poker Tournament on Saturday!

To play, you MUST sign up beforehand! A sign-up sheet for poker will be at the registration desk, and will be available soon as registration opens.

The game will be capped at 30 seats. Once we fill up all 30 seats nobody else will be able to join in. But if you miss your chance, we're auctioning off one seat for the game (and a small chip advantage) in the charity auction at 2:30 PM Saturday afternoon!

Please be on time! The tournament is scheduled for 10:30 PM. If you're not accounted for by the time the cards are dealt, then you cannot participate in the tournament.

Buy in is $10, and there are unlimited re-buys for the first hour. Blinds start at 5/10, and they increase every 20 minutes. As the tourney progresses, blinds will increase at a slightly quicker rate. 100% of all the money raised will be donated to C.A.R.E.

Tourney Prizes:

  • 1st place: 2 tickets to Disney World
  • 2nd place: Free admission to Megaplex 2013
  • 3rd place: Free T-shirt

Programming Spotlight: Pool Party & Dessert Social

Relax at the hotel's central pool with dessert provided by Megaplex!

What could possibly be any better than a pool party at the world's sunniest furry convention with all your friends?

How about a pool party at the world's sunniest furry convention with all your friends, with free chocolate cake?

AND key lime pie?

AND spiced carrot cake?

AND great music performed by DJ MegaWolf?

Nothing. Nothing could possibly be better than this. We'll see you and your fluffy tail in that pool or on the deck with a face full of dessert at 7 PM on Friday!

Dessert will be served for as long as it lasts or until 8 PM. The pool party will continue until 9 PM.

Programming Spotlight: Medallions & the 2012 Megaplex Puzzle Hunt

Remember the "Achievements" you could unlock last year and get a nifty little badge to show off? Well this year, in the Steampunk spirit we're giving out Medallions!

There will be 5 different types of Medallions given out by various members of con staff: Red, White, Green, Blue and Black. For example, blue medallions are achievements specific to fursuiting, and the green ones involve being in the "right place at the right time." The other colors have their own categories as well.

Each attendee has a shot at earning up to one medallion of each color...but you have to figure out what you have to do to earn them! Think you can get all 5?

By the way, ONE Medallion will be given to the first person to complete this year's Puzzle Hunt. Last year we had you interpreting riddles and exploring the hotel in search of answers to complete the Hunt. This year we're at it again! Do you have what it takes to find the clues, decipher the code and find the treasure?

To participate in the Puzzle Hunt all you need is the Puzzle Hunt flyer which will be available on the tables in the "Lair" (our foyer). The flyer will give you your first clue to get started.

We hope you enjoy the games, and good luck!

Programming Spotlight: Iron Artist and art track

After the huge success of last year, we're doing it again! Friday, July 27 at 5:00 we bring you the return of Iron Artist!
Feel like you could churn out a multitude of sketches of good quality in record time? Pride yourself in your elegant brush strokes? Try your hand at our 2nd annual Iron Artist Competition. Challenge yourself with different media, and see what experienced artists say about your style!

Check out the tables in the lobby for more information.

Also in the world of art:

The Megaplex Dealer's Den will be open Friday through Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM. Visit our Dealers' Den page for the vendor listing.

Megaplex will also be hosting an Artist Alley this year. Please see our Artist Alley policy page for more information.

Programming Spotlight: Charades Impossible, Fursuit Dance Contest, and other fursuit events

We've got a grand line-up of Fursuiting events this year at Megaplex! We're looking forward to all of them, but here are just a couple to whet your appetite:

Charades ImpossibleIntroducing Charades Impossible!

We've taken that popular game to a totally new and hilarious level. Come join our fursuiters Saturday at 5:00 PM in the main event room as they attempt to get you to guess the most impossible of clues.

How will they get our contestants to say things like: "The Huffington Post," "The Library at Alexandria," "The Treaty of Ghent," or "Oedipus Complex?" Well, you'll just have to see it to believe it!

Our contestants are picked right out of the audience. We don't expect you to be able to guess the clues, but we do think you'll have a good time watching the performers try to act them out!

Fursuit Dance ContestNext, there's the fan favorite Fursuit Dance Contest, organized by Mangusu.

Come and watch and be dazzled as the fandom's most animated performers show your their best moves, Saturday at 6:00 PM in the main event room.

If you have a fursuit and a talent to boogie then sign up and show off your stuff on the Floor! First place gets 2 Tickets to Universal Orlando!

Contestants: Sign-Ups will available during Saturday in the lobby. Please bring your song track in mp3 format to be processed.

Read on for the full listing of Fursuiting events at Megaplex, including both fursuit parades:

Programming Spotlight: Julie Bunny Must Die!

Julie Bunny posterMegaplex is very excited to present "Julie Bunny Must Die!" Come join the fun and music at the main stage, 7:30 PM on Saturday, July 28.

Written and composed by Rhubarb the Bear, Julie Bunny is a musical that takes you into the world and mind of Adam, a young artist whose life is constantly torn between work, love and hobby, and who can talk to his cartoon creations, including title character Julie Bunny.

The show has been presented at the Orlando Fringe Festival, the Vandivort Theater in Springfield Missouri, and also at Oklacon and Wild Nights to much praise.

The production would not have made it to the Megaplex stage without the help of 28 generous backers. Thank you for all who supported the show!

(Read on for more details and for other events by Rhubarb the Bear)

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