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Travel to Kissimmee and Local Area Guide

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Welcome to Kissimmee, Florida!

Megaplex's home is Kissimmee, Florida, which is just south of Orlando. The city of Kissimmee (pronounced /kɨˈsɪmi/, with the accent on the second syllable) is a very popular vacation destination due to its closeness to many of the world-famous Orlando-area attractions. If you want to learn more about Kissimmee, the city has put together a very nice Official Visitors Guide.

Our hotel is once again the Worldgate Orlando Resort. Conveniently located off of US 192 between I-4 and the Western Expressway, the hotel is surrounded by shopping and dining options, and just a mile away from the Disney theme parks. The address of the hotel is:

  Worldgate Orlando Resort
  3011 Maingate Lane
  Kissimmee, FL 34747

Getting to Kissimmee

We have compiled the following guides to the most popular means of traveling to Kissimmee and the convention hotel. While we have tried to make each guide as accurate as possible, travel conditions can change on a moments notice, so we can make no guarantee as to their accuracy. Before leaving home, always double check your plans and directions, and check with reliable news sources for up-to-date traffic and weather conditions.

Kissimmee Weather

The weather in central Florida is a bit different from most other parts of the United States. During July, be prepared for highs in the upper 90's (Fahrenheit) and lows in the low 70's, with light late afternoon rain showers being common. Mornings tend to be mild, with the high of the day being reached around mid-afternoon, while evenings tend to be rather warm until after midnight. So, you'll want to pack lightweight clothing and plenty of sunscreen, and don't forget your umbrella.

You can get the current ten-day forecast for Kissimmee from The Weather Channel.

A Word on Gratuities and Tipping

For those visiting Megaplex from other countries (and those in the U.S. who may need a reminder), tipping (offering a small gratuity) is a very common and expected practice in the United States. While not mandatory, it is considered good etiquette to leave a tip for service oriented workers (waiters, bartenders, drivers, barbers / hairdressers, etc.) Amounts and practices do vary, but in general it is typical to leave 15 to 20% of the total bill for food service staff or $1 to $2 for most other situations. We especially encourage our attendees to tip the hotel staff (restaurant servers, bartenders, bellhops, housekeeping), as that helps to let the hotel know how much we appreciate them hosting our convention.

For a complete guide to tipping in the United States, including more detailed suggested tipping rates, please see the WikiTravel Page on Tipping.

Orlando Convention Aid - Orlando Area Coupons
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What to See and Do in the Kissimmee and Orlando Areas

The following references are provided as a courtesy to help our attendees with their travel planning. The inclusion of an establishment or locale in the lists below does not in any way represent an endorsement or recommendation by the Megaplex organization.