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Staff Credits

Megaplex would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff members. If you would like to contact a specific department or team, please visit our Contact Us page.

Executive Functions
Convention Chairmen
John 'Kuddlepup' Cole
Randy 'Yappy Fox' Fox
Security Team
 - Brejar HowlynStar
 - Johnmutt
 - Mini Zee
 - Sparky Fox
 - Urson
Hotel Liaison
Randy 'Yappy Fox' Fox
Karl 'Carl Fox' Meyers
Operations: Services
Operations Director
Karl 'Carl Fox' Meyers
 - Skippy Fox
Photo Documentation
Furshoot - Tsuka
  Tonka, Char, Scraps
Jesse 'Fafner' Hartman
Video Documentation
Michel Mephit
Sponsor Suite
Chef Takala
Dealer's Den
Genesis 'Gen' Whitmore
Fursuit Lounge
Santa Fox
Operations: Tech Support
Registration Team
Randy 'Yappy Fox' Fox
 - Rasvar
 - Blitz Kangaroo
Audio / Visual Team
Randy 'Yappy Fox' Fox
 - Matthew 'STiTcH' Pence
 - Harley 'EagleBeagle' Rifkin
Web Site / IT
Randy 'Yappy Fox' Fox
Santa Fox
Programming / Events
Programming Director
Dan 'Jackrabbit' (JR) Boatwright
Fursuit Track
Wild Wolf & Takala
Gaming Room
Thomas 'Salen Stormwing' Prince
Charity Auction
Karl 'Carl Fox' Meyers
Skippy Fox
Con Book
Jess 'Lynxcat' Bonn
Dingoro & Blitz Kangaroo
 - Sobek Wanikami

Pawpet Live Experience inc. is a class C corporation operating out of the State of Florida.

The Board of Directors for PLEx inc. are:

  • President: Randy Fox
  • Vice President: John Cole
  • Secretary: Dan Boatwright
  • Board: Karl F. Meyers
  • Board: Zachary Friedrich