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Megaplex 2011 T-Shirt Artwork
©2011 Chad Krueger
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By registering for Megaplex 2011, you are agreeing to abide by and follow all of the Megaplex Convention Attendee Policies. Please take the time to read them before continuing with the registration process. In particular please note the following:

Registration for Minors: The minimum age to attend Megaplex without a parent or guardian is sixteen (16). Members between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) must present a signed and notarized Minor Consent Form, unless accompanied by a parent or able to produce evidence of legal emancipation. There are no exceptions.

Minors under the age of sixteen (16) should NOT pre-register online, as we cannot collect their data per Federal and State laws. Parents/guardians may pre-register or register on-site; when they obtain their membership on site, an addtional membership will be created for the minor at no charge.

If you agree to all parts of our Megaplex Convention Attendee Policies, you may begin the registration process

Pre-registration for Megaplex 2011 has not opened yet. We will post announcements to the front page of our website and to the Megaplex LiveJournal when pre-registration opens.

Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend the convention after purchasing a membership, it is normally our policy to to transfer your paid membership forward to the following year.

Membership Levels: The following Membership Levels are available for purchase. If you would like to upgrade your membership to a higher level, you may do so at any time during our pre-registration period, or at-the-door when you check in to pick up your badge. Please note that the membership prices listed include 7% sales tax (6% State of Florida, 1% Osceola County).

Membership Level

Dance Club
At Door: $10

This is unavailable to purchase pre-reg, This is only for at the door registration
This is for someone who arrives after registration closes, and wants to participate in the dances that night.
If you intend to attend the full convention, but arrive after registration closes, you will have to purchase this pass for the night you arrive.
The cost of this pass can be applied to a 3 day or higher registration the next day.

Single Day
At Door: $25

This is unavailable to purchase pre-reg, This is only for at the door registration

At Door: $45

3 days of attendance (full weekend)
Con Book
MP Custom Glassware
DESSERT RECEPTION on Friday Night! (And no additional Charge!)

At Door: $90

All of Attendings Perks PLUS
Sunday Morning Breakfast
Access to the Snack Lounge

At Door: $150

All of Sponsor's Perks PLUS
Megaplex T-Shirt
Lunch Saturday with Guest of Honor
Ability to Purchase meal for 1 guest for $50
Prefered Seating For Major Events

At Door: $500

All of Super Sponsor's Perks PLUS
All the gratitude of all the attendees for your support to fund special events at Megaplex
Ability to Purchase meal for up to 2 guests @ $40 each

We care about your privacy. Any information that you provide to us is handled according to our Megaplex Privacy Policy.