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Dealer's Den

©Abrenack, Used with Permission

Megaplex does have a Dealer's Den where you can sell your art, comics, clothing, DVDs - whatever you'd like to show! We have eliminated our PG only rating under certain restrictions that are outlined in our Dealer's Den Policies.

Dealers Den reservations for 2011 have not opened yet! They will open around the time that we open up pre-registration for 2011.

Table reservations are made when you register for the convention. Just fill out the Dealers Tables section on the second page of the online registration form.

Full tables are only $50 grab one for yourself, or find a partner to share. Either way, reserve early!

We only have 12 tables left out of 12 total tables available and they are all first come, first served!

At the moment, we are out of Dealer's Tables, but you can still request to be put on our Dealer's Table waiting list by emailing Should anyone cancel their existing table reservation, people on the waiting list will be contacted in the order in which they registered. You do not have to pay to join the waiting list, but if a table becomes available for you and you want to take it, you'll have to pay for it within a few days of being notified.

For more information about Megaplex's Dealer's Den:

Megaplex will also be hosting an Artist's Alley this year. Please see the Artist's Alley page for more information about it.