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Our Charity - CARE

One of the CARE Panthers
Elita, a Florida Panther housed at CARE who was "Adopted"
by Megaplex as of July 29th, 2010 - Photo (c)2010 Santa Fox

The CARE Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 that provides permanent sanctuary primarily for non-releasable wildlife. CARE currently houses seven Big Cats, two Black Bears, and over seventy small animals. They provide a variety of educational programs for schools, resorts, themed attractions, vocational training institutes, and general public appearances throughout the community. The focal points of these programs are conservation and animal safety.

The CARE Foundation is currently constructing a new Wildlife Education Facility located in Apopka, Florida. This New facility will feature a guided tour of our animals and several Educational Programs. The Highlight of this Tour will be their "Native Florida Wildlife" area, which will be dedicated to the school children of Central Florida.

Each year, Megaplex holds a Charity Auction where donated items are auctioned off to convention attendees, with all of the proceeds going directly to support CARE. In 2009, Megaplex raised $1,500 dollars for CARE through the auction and other donations made directly by attendees. This money was used to help build a tiger enclosure.

This past year at Megaplex 2010, $2,918 was raised for CARE, which allowed them to put a roof on their tiger enclosures. Megaplex also was able to adopt Elita, a Florida Panther that is housed at the CARE facilities.  By adopting Elita, Megaplex is helping to provide her with food, shelter, and veterinary care so that she can continue to have a happy, healthy life.