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The deadline for pre-registration has not been set.

Registration is dependant upon you reading, and agreeing to Megaplex Security terms. Please take the time to read the following convention guidelines:

Online Pre-Registration

.............$35: 3-Day General Admission
.............$75: Sponsor
.............$125: Super Sponsor
.............$500: Mega Sponsor

SECURITY - Convention Conduct Policy

The following policy is intended to help everyone have a safe, sane, and fun Convention. In general, Megaplex asks that you show respect and courtesy toward your fellow Convention members, the hotel, and its other guests. Consideration for the safety, rights and feelings of others will help to create a positive experience for everyone.

Members attending Megaplex agree to abide by this policy, while within Convention areas and while participating in Convention activities as a condition of membership. In any dispute over the interpretation or enforcement of any policy, the decision of Megaplex Staff shall be final. Staff reserves the right to refuse membership to any person.

Security Staff will issue warnings if they observe violations. Serious or repeat offenders will have their Megaplex membership revoked without refund, and will be asked to leave Convention areas immediately.

Please take the time to read the following convention guidelines:

1. Appearance And Behavior
2. Weapons
3. Dealers' Room
4. Photographic, Audio, and Video Recordings
5. Press Policy
6. Pets

Please choose one of the following:
I agree with these terms, or I do not agree with these terms.

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Current Registration Stats:
Support: 0  Attending: 74  Sponsor: 15  Super: 14  Mega: 8  STAFF: 15  
Pre-Reg Attendees (staff excluded): 111