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We will be adding more events and panels as they become available! Keep checking our site for information on additional events!

If you would like to participate in an event or have an idea for a panel, please write mp-programming@
for any questions, or if you have an idea you'd like to share.

Megaplex 2006 is very proud to welcome illustrator and animator BRIAN REYNOLDS as our GUEST OF HONOR this year! To read more, please click here.

New Programming announcement for 2006!

We've got your old favorites, and new events planned as well. 2 the Ranting Gryphon makes his return to Megaplex after a year away, and Uncle Kage brings his "Uncle Kage's Story Hour" back for another engagement as well!

The Variety Show is back, with the Return of the Gong Show - what snack food will get dumped on Poink this year (and will we be able to get it out of the carpet afterwards)? Plus, multiple fursuit games, including fursuit mini-golf, will be planned throughout the weekend. And that's just a taste of what's to come at Megaplex 2006!

Megaplex is planning on resuming our tradition of having a musical act perform for our members on Saturday night. We're finishing up with the paperwork as we speak (well, as you read), so we should have more details available in the next update. Stay tuned!


11am: The SNIPE Hunt: It's a scavenger hunt with a twist. You'll need to follow the clues around the hotel to find our ultimate finish line. What's at the finish line? Why prizes of course! But you'll need to be at opening ceremonies to find out just what's waiting there.

1pm: Coloring with Cybercat: Want to learn the basics of coloring your sketches. Come join Cybercat for helpful hints and tips!

1:30pm: Fursuit Games #1: Yes..Megaplex will be holding multiple fursuit games throughout the convention. This is the first set of games. These games will be hosted by Draconis. Fun and laughs are sure to follow in these wacky, fun-filled events.

3:00pm: Comdey Improv - WTF Theater: What happens when you get a bunch of quick witted comedians together with no idea what topics they will have to perform to? Come to this event and find out! Hosted by the wonderfully witty Uncle Kage, the comedy improv continues as a Megaplex tradition.

3:00pm: Intro to Fursuiting (part 1): Hosted by: Draconis, Tilt, and Santa Fox. If you'd like to get some introductory information about fursuiting, this is a panel for you!

7pm: Uncle Kage's Story Hour - The venerable Dr. Samual Conway, a.k.a. Uncle Kage, returns to Megaplex to delight the audience with one of his world renond "Story Hours". Come and share Dr. Conway's tales of adventure (and misadventure) in this popular event.

8:30pm: 2, the Ranting Gryphon - He's back! What's on his mind? What makes him mad? We'll find out on Friday night! 2 has been a highlight at Megaplex for several years, and we're happy to have him returning to our stage!

10:00pm: Fursuiter Meet and Greet - Hosted by Antimon: Whether you're in costume or not, come get to know other fursuiters in a relaxed and social environment.

10:30pm: Karaoke: For the first time on the Megaplex Main stage, you can become a star! We'll be featuring Karaoke! Pull out your best singing voice and join the convention for what is sure to be a fun and memorable evening!

11:00pm: Intro to Fursuiting (part 2): Hosted by Draconis, Tilt, and Santa Fox! More information on costume performance and construction.


10am: Fursuit Minigolf: Weather permitting, we will be hosting our second minigolf tournament right here at the Megaplex hotel! Fursuiters + minigolf = lots of fun and laughs! The minigolf course is adjacent to the hotel arcade.

11am: From Concept to Costume: Arend Studios co-founder Matt Brayley-Berger, will be discussing how Arend Studios brings a character to life from idea and concept drawings to putting those finishing touches on the suit. Arend Studios has designed and built custom costumes for many individuals and corporate/school mascots. This is a must see panel for those interested in costume construction and design.

1pm: CARE Charity Presentation: The CARE Foundation is our returning charity. Please come a view a demonstration of how they help rescued animals including Tigers, raccoons, ferrets, and even the highly endangered Florida Panther!

2pm: Fiction Writing: Come and discuss writing techniques and concepts with our convention chairman, Carl Meyers and other writers.

2:30pm: Charity Auction: An auction to help raise money for the CARE Foundation. You may find some interesting items up for bids, and you can help feed and shelter animals in the process!

4pm: Fursuit Maintenance: Come and join Antimon as he discusses various tips and processes for the care and maintenance of your costume.

7pm: Puppets with BJ Hughes: BJ Hughes, and his friend Santa Fox, will be talking about puppet construction and performance techniques for a variety of puppet types.

8pm: The Megaplex Musical Event: Featuring 4:2:Five - We are proud to present a new musical act as part of your convention experience. The critically acclaimed acapella band, 4:2:Five, will be giving Megaplex attendees a 1 hour performance of their unique musical talents! Check out some of their information on their web site at

11pm: Rocky Horror LIVE! : Something new and "horrorific" for Megaplex! A performance of the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Are you ready to Time Warp again? Oh Rocky! Oh, the HORROR!

Midnight: Fursuit Tales of Terror: Draconis will be discussing and encouraging folks to share their "horror stories" of costume and fursuit performances.


10am: Caring for Skunks: Michel Mephit will be providing his insight into the care and experiences of pet skunks.

11am: Fursuit parade: Yappyfox will be leading our mascots and fursuits on a parade through the hotel. This is a prime photo opportunity for those wanting to see the various fursuits and costumes at Megaplex!

1pm: Meet our GOH: Our convention chairman will be hosting a question and answer session with the Megaplex Guest of Honor, Brian Reynolds. Brian's artwork has long been popular with many convention attendees and has been featured in a book by Sofawolf Press. Stop by and get some insight into Brian's work and inspiration!

1:00pm: Mascot Performance: Performing for larger crowds can be different that performing in front of smaller groups. Chad Laubach has been the mascot for the Orlando Seals for several years and will be sharing his insight into larger crowd and professional performances.

2:30pm Fursuit Games #2: Even more wacky games for our fursuiters! Join Draconis for more fun and frivolity in a wild and wacky competition.

4:30pm: Our Closing Ceremonies: Tell us what you liked and did not like about the convention. How can we make your convention experience better and more fun? (But don't leave - there is still more programming after dinner!)

7:00pm: The Gong Show - Our variety show returns with our second running of the Gong Show! Who will get gonged and who will our judges like? With Terry Sender as the long-suffering host and Poink T.Ferret, Uncle Kage, and Ronin Otter returning to wield the hammer, hilarity will ensue!

8:30pm: Funday Pawpet Show: It's a live presentation of the internet puppet show sensation. Now in it's 6th year, Orlando is the home of the Punday Pawpet Show. Catch this special 2 hour performance with the full Funday cast!

10:30pm: The Dead Dog Dan: What do you do when the convention's over? DANCE! Join us for the wrap up event of the convention by dancing into the night!

Please keep in mind that all of our events are subject to change.

Times for each event cannot be determined until travel arrangements for all performers and panelists can be confirmed.

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