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Since 2002, the family-friendly convention, Megaplex, has been located in sunny central Florida. This year it will be held at the beautiful Orlando Sheraton World Resort.

Megaplex is a PG-13 rated performing arts themed convention. It features a variety of talented professional and amateur performers ranging from puppeteers, stand-up and improv comedians, mascots and storytellers.

Each year Megaplex holds its annual Charity Auction. In past years, the C.A.R.E. Foundation has been the charity's benefactor. Guest speakers visit to talk about the local wildlife and abused pet sanctuary they help rescue, along with usually bringing a few of their animal friends.

Past visitors have included a raccoon, opossum, alligator, and an endangered spotted Florida panther.

Artists and gamers are also encouraged to visit the Artist Alley and Gaming Rooms. They are featured during and in between events. Past events at Megaplex include a two-hour live performance from the Funday PawPet Show, Uncle Kage's Story Hour, Mascot Games hosted by professional guest mascot captains, karaoke, meet and greet the Guest of Honor, Variety Show, Magic of Aces Wild, 2 the Ranting Gyphon, nightly dances hosted by a live DJ, and various panels from participating convention members.

We hope you will be able to join us this year to check out the excitement!

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