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The Mailing List Rules

The Mailing List was established as a way for attending people to put forth suggestions and ideas for events during the convention, as well as a means for those who needed to find others for ride and room sharing . We wish to maintain the list to be used for that.

Unfortunately, there are some who lack common sense on good mailing list behavior and brings us to these following rules of what not to do on the Mailing List:

  • Spamming the List.
  • Replying to Spam.
  • Personal Attacks or Flaming.
  • Replying to Attacks or Flames.
  • Non-Con related Advertising.
  • Chain Mail.
  • Cross Posting.
  • Sending Attachments.
  • Making newsgroup "Me Too" type posts.
  • Posting messages in MIME or HTML encoding use ASCII text formatting only.
  • If any of these are done, the person doing so shall be removed from the list.

    Subscribing to one of the lists below means you have read and agreed to the terms and circumstances of the Mailing List rules of conduct above. To subscribe to the list, fill in your email address, select which type of service you wish to have, and click submit.


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    Send to: M e g a p l e x - l i s t @ p a w p e t . o r g .


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