As events draw closer, a schedule will be posted. The following are a listing of events that will appear at Megaplex.

Our Guest of Honor will be soon be announced.

Animal Show Case
The C.A.R.E. Foundation will be returning with several live animals to help generate interest in local wildlife. Among the animals they've brought in the past has been a live Florida spotted panther, the most endangered mammal in North America.

Charity Auction
All proceeds are to benefit The C.A.R.E. Foundation. Our Guest Auctioneer will soon be announced. If you have an item to donate to the auction, please see the convention staff for details during the convention.

Comedy Improv
Hosted by Terry Sender. The improv players will give a demonstration of their improvisational abilities, and then give then audience a chance to try it themselves!

DJ Croc will be spinning Saturday night. Any additional DJs will be announced.

DDR Tournament
DDR Tournament: Burn some fat, sweat and rubberize your legs. The DDR tournament is sure to see who is the fastest, most coordinated dancers.

Funday PawPet Show LIVE
The popular online internet puppet show is back at Megaplex. Full of music, guests, and strange interactive improv.

Fursuit Construction
Fursuit / Mascot Construction: Chad Leabach will be demonstrating some techniques in constructing a mascot.

eturns this year with your host Ron Packer II. Contests and Prizes to torture us with your singing skills. Join up and start practicing in the shower!

Megaplex Variety Show
Attendees are encouraged to participate in the Megaplex Variety Show. There will be a mandatory rehearsal and act screening Saturday for this event. If you would like to participate, please contact the programming staff during the convention.

Musical Event
This will soon be announced.


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