Orlando, FLMEGAPLEX March 19-21, 2004
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This is the general programming. As the convention draws closer a schedule will be posted. For main events, please click here.

Puppeteering: Show others who love to puppeteer, puppets you have and perform with. Learn how to puppeteer and even partake in a puppet performance at special seminars!

There will also be a performance from the "Funday PawPet Show" starring the whole cast, live!

Costuming and Mascotting
: This is your chance to show off your very own mascot costume in a live setting and stage performances to the rest of the convention. Also learn how to make and perform your costumes from others in special seminars!

Variety Show: The Variety Show is a talent show for costumers, puppeteers, and performers who has a talent they would like to showcase. It will be non-competetive. The show will be hosted by the one and and only Mutt, from the "Funday PawPet Show."

We will need to compile the performer list early to provide the M.C., and the support staff with the performance order and any special requirements for specific acts.
* Acts in the show should not be of an explicit or overtly adult nature.
* Any pre-recorded music or audio should be in CD format.
* All participants will be contacted and asked to attend a short meeting prior to the actual performance.

If you want to participate in the show, or have any questions or comments pertaining to the show, you can contact Variety Show Chair at mp-programming@pawpet.org.

Shows: There will be game and improv shows that will allow audience participation.


The highlight of last year is returning again this year! The spectacular acapella group, "Toxic Audio" will be performing for their second year at Megaplex.

Please click here for clips from last year's show.


Dances: There will be dances held at Megaplex. And we can dance till 2AM! DJs will soon be announced soon.

Other Events: Other sceduled events will be announced as the convention draws closer.


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