Orlando, FLMEGAPLEX March 19-21, 2004
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Megaplex is copyright 2003, Plex inc.
843 Cypress Parkway #317
Kissimmee, FL 34759


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Convention Chairman: Karl Meyers
Vice-Chairman: John P. Boulton
Convention Treasurer: James Mogle
Programming: John Cole
Security: Brent Scott
Registration: Scott Garron
Convention Promotions: Dan Boatright
Charity Auction: Dan Boatright
Facilty: Scott Whitmore
Volunteers: Marti Meyers
Conbook Editor: Michael Russell
Web Master: Randy Fox
Web Designer: Erika Leigh Rosengarten
Assistant Web Designer: David Johns

Pawpet Live Experience inc. is a not-for-profit class C corporation operating out of the State of Florida. The Board of Directors for PLEx inc. are as follows:

President of the board: Karl F. Meyer
Vice President: John P. Boulton
Secretary: Randy Fox
Treasurer: James Mogle
Board: John Cole




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