Orlando, FLMEGAPLEX March 19-21, 2004
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Last updated on 09/01/03 by
Erika Leigh R.


This is a special lounge called the "Artist Alley". It is a chance to bring your sketchbooks and trade art and comics, and meet other artists and fans. There will also be drawing sessions from professional and amateur artists scheduled.

Instead of having a formal dealers room as with other conventions which only tie down people to a table all weekend, Megaplex is simply going to provide a room with tables set up.


Besides trading art, may I sell art at my table also?
This is a first come first serve basis for artists to doodle and swap art. Any transactions involving money are the sole responsibility of those doing the transactions, and the individual should file all taxes on their own.

If I claim a table, can I use the table for the entire time Artist Alley is open?
Yes. The advantage of this set up, is this area will remain open the entire day, even up to like 2AM when the dances are going on. Those artists wanting to may work all day if the so desire.

How long can I be away from my Artist Alley table before it is automatically given up?
Anyone who has a table should not be gone longer than 15 minutes in order to take care or personal needs.

Will I lose my table if I need to eat or use the rest room?
No, security will be provided so artists may take pit stop, food, or under certain conditions sig (panel) breaks (must be arranged ahead of time) during the day. Security will simply try to make sure your goods will not walk away, but you still are responsible for valuables. Do not leave extremely valuable material or money unattended!

May I have adult artwork on display or in binders?
All artwork being displayed publicly must be no more than a PG rating. Simply covering explicit artwork with a post-it note or other pages of art is not acceptable. If convention staff hears of inappropriate material, you will be warned once. The second time your con membership will be revoked.

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