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Registration is dependant upon you reading, and agreeing to PawPet Megaplex Security terms

Convention Conduct Policy

The following policy is intended to help everyone to have a safe, sane, wholesome and fun Convention. In general, PawPet Megaplex asks that you show respect and courtesy toward your fellow Convention members, the hotel and its other guests. Consideration for the safety, rights and feelings of others will help to create a positive experience for all.

Members attending PawPet Megaplex agree to abide by this policy while within Convention areas and while participating in Convention activities as a condition of membership. In any dispute over the interpretation or enforcement of any policy, the decision of PawPet Megaplex Staff shall be final. We reserve the right to refuse membership to any person.

Security Staff will issue warnings if they observe violations. Serious or repeat offenders will have their PawPet Megaplex membership revoked without refund, and will be asked to leave Convention areas immediately.

1. Appearance And Behavior

Members are expected to wear their official Convention badges at all times while in Convention areas or participating in Convention activities, and to display their badges upon request by Security Staff. Anyone found in Convention space without a badge will be escorted to Registration or asked to leave.

Personal dress, including Mascots and other costumes, should be "PG-rated." Dry clothes -- shirt, shorts and shoes at a minimum -- will be required in Convention areas. Public exposure of genitalia, buttocks or (female) breasts is not permitted. "Anatomically correct" costumes must be likewise clothed. Discreet wearing of collars, leashes, etc. is acceptable, but sexually-oriented leather gear is not permitted in Convention areas. Security Staff may request a change of attire at their discretion.

Public displays of affection, regardless of sexual orientation, should also be kept to a "PG-rated" level within Convention areas. Holding hands, hugging, chaste kissing and similar activities are acceptable; anything more passionate is not. The Security Staff will ask you to stop or relocate if you get carried away.

To help ensure an safe and enjoyable time for our younger members, anyone under the age of 16 attending PawPet MegaPlex must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Harassment of Convention members by their fellow members will not be tolerated. We would ask that all attendees be civil and polite, respect the rights and "personal space" of others, and attempt to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. If you feel you are being harassed, please report to Security immediately. Anyone who, in the judgment of the Staff, grievously harasses or stalks any fellow member, will have his or her Convention membership revoked immediately.

For the safety and comfort of persons and property, please refrain from excessive and inappropriate noise, profanity, or horseplay in the hotel.

Please observe all posted smoking regulations.

The use of alcohol by those under age 21, or the use of illegal drugs by anyone, will not be tolerated at PawPet Megaplex

2. Weapons

All Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances apply to the possession, carry, and display of weapons at PawPet MegaPlex. In general, Florida State law prohibits the open carry of firearms and the concealed carry of any weapon without a State-approved license.

For the safety and peace of mind of all attendees, all potentially deadly weapons, and realistic replicas that could be mistaken for deadly weapons, must be disabled, peace-bonded, or otherwise rendered inert while on display at the Convention. If a weapon or replica is part of your costume, please consult Security for direction before taking it into Convention areas.

Due to the potential for eye injury and general nuisance, laser pointers and similar devices are not permitted.

Water guns, Nerf or other dart guns, Silly String, or other toy weapons capable of causing property damage are not permitted in Convention areas. Water guns and Silly String in particular can cause a lot of harm to Mascot costumes. Please do not use toy weapons in locations where damage to merchandise, artwork, costumes, hotel property, etc. is likely.

Convention Members observed violating weapons policy will be asked to return their weapons to their rooms or vehicles, or to store them in a hotel safety deposit box. Refusal to dispose of a weapon upon request will result in immediate revocation of Convention membership.

Displaying or using any weapon in a threatening, reckless or dangerous manner will not be tolerated.

3. Artists' Alley

As the Artists' Alley is open to Convention members of all ages, all items and materials on display there or in other public areas must be "PG-rated."

The exhibition of works that depict nudity (refer to the dress code above), sexual activity, excessive violence or gore, excessive profanity, drug abuse, or other disturbing subject matter will not be permitted. Applying labels or other coverings to a finished work in order to conceal its objectionable portions is NOT acceptable.

PawPet Megaplex requests that materials that do not meet these guidelines be kept private and shared outside of Convention areas.

4. Photographic, Audio and Video Recordings

All Members in attendance at PawPet Megaplex should be aware that they may be photographed or recorded at any time while in public areas. PawPet Megaplex reserves the right to allow authorized individuals to make photographic, audio or video record of any public event held in Convention areas, and to distribute these productions, in whole or part, free of charge, for historical or promotional purposes. Members agree that they are not entitled to any notice or compensation for the appearance of their names, nicknames or likenesses in such productions.

Photographic, audio and video recording at PawPet Megaplex is restricted. Members who wish to take pictures or make recordings for personal, non-commercial use while at the Convention may do so, however they must not take any video or photos of areas marked as non-recordable. Anyone taking pictures in those areas may have their con membership revoked. We would ask that photographers and videographers act with common sense and courtesy, and refrain from recording any unwilling individual.

Anyone may post pictures of the convention on personal, not for profit websites, However, If someone is in a picture by themselves or with one other person, in the focus of the picture, and they wish to have their photo removed, you must respect that person's request and remove the image. If the person is in a group of three or more in the photo, then it is considered a group photo, and would require objection from at least a 50% majority of the people in the photo.

Photographic, audio and video recordings of the Funday PawPet Show (FPS) are the sole property of The Funday PawPet Show, and performances will be aired on the internet show at some later date. Super Sponsors and other Members who appear on FPS in guest interviews, performances, or live audience participation while attending PawPet Megaplex agree that they are not entitled to any notice or compensation for the appearance of their names, nicknames or likenesses in FPS recordings or broadcasts, unless other prior written agreement has been made.

PawPet Megaplex will not use the names or likenesses of corporately owned and trademarked Mascots, Puppets or other characters for any commercial or promotional purposes, except according to prior written agreement.

5. Press Policy

PawPet Megaplex is a private social function for Members only, and as such, is closed to all press and media members and organizations. Making photographic, audio or video recordings of any Convention event for investigative or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

Press and media members desiring a statement, press release or interview from Convention Staff should contact the Convention Director or Convention Promotions Chair. Each request will be considered individually and on a case by case basis.

I accept the terms of the security policy above


I Decline the terms of the security policy above

PawPet Megaplex, copyright 2002, PLEx inc.
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Kissimmee, FL 34759