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Welcome to Megaplex Gaming 2nd year!

We will be offering some of the same games as last year and some new ones also. If you are looking to run something please let us know and we can put it on the webpage for promotion of your game.

Please contact Draconis or Anthony, the gaming chairs with your game info or please fill out the GM registration form on the PPMP website as soon as possible.

Games offered by Draconis

Chez Dork:

This game is all about collecting and obsessions! First to fill their collection wins. This is also one of the first games to feature "Furries" in it also! 5 players easy to learn and play. 2 hours Prizes by Steve Jackson games.

Are You a Werewolf?

A simple card game that involves a lot of player interaction! You have a nice village filled with Villagers and an unknown Seer. Things are going great till two Werewolves emerge at night and start to eat the fellow villagers. But who are they? It's morning and everyone looks innocent. You gotta lynch someone, Hope you get a Werewolf and not lynch your fellow villager or even your Seer! A fun game of suspicion! 12 to ?? players. Easy to learn.

Battle Cattle

Okay you are a mechanized cow with attitude! Destroy the other cows before they destroy you. 5 players easy to learn and play. 2 hours Prizes by Steve Jackson games.

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