Past Megaplex Artist Credit

We'd like to thank the following artists for their past contributions in Megaplex art and design, where known:

Abrenack Additional artwork, 2011

Adam Wan Shirt art, 2008

Big Blue Fox Shirt art, 2009

Chad Krueger Shirt art, 2011 Glass art, 2011 Additional artwork, 2011

Crash Heart Badge art, 2013

Dingoroo Badge art, 2012

Erika Rosengarten Web theme & design, 2003-2006 Badge art, 2004-2005

Fablefire Shirt art, 2015

Genesis Whitmore Promotional artwork, 2010 Additional artwork, 2010

GoldenDruid Dealer badge art, 2014

Gothic Siamese Advertisements, 2016 Hallway art, 2016 Web art, 2016

Henrieke Character Parade art, 2009

Herbie Bearclaw MegaPanther Artwork, 2008 Badge art, 2008 Glass & Yo-yo art, 2009 Shirt art, 2010, 2012 Graphic & Radio advertisements, 2012 Web theme, 2012-2014

Jess Bonn Web theme & design, 2007-2008 Web art, 2009

Kipper Glass art, 2010

Kittrel Web theme, 2015

KwiK Badge art, 2015 Advertisements, 2016 Hallway art, 2016 Web art, 2016

Mary Mouse Glass art, 2014

Mike Kazaleh Shirt & hallway art, 2007

Nicole "Animecat" Holland Promotional artwork, 2009 Badge art, 2009

Orlando Fox Hallway art, 2013

Roo3k Sewing, 2016

Santa Fox Web theme, 2009-2011 Web layout, 2009-2013 MegaMaze arcade game, 2011

skippyfox Web theme, 2010 Hallway art, 2010 Promotional artwork, 2011 Web design, 2015

Sobek Wanikami Web theme & promotional artwork, 2011 Badge art, 2011

Sonaro Laser etching, 2016

Tailbiter Glass art, 2012

TaniDaReal Shirt art, 2014

Terry Sender Badge art, 2005-2007

Tirrel Promotional artwork, 2013 Shirt art, 2013 Promo video, 2013

Triggerfox Badge art, 2014

Tyler Gallant Glass art, 2013

Vermy Fox Promotional artwork, 2015

Wild Wolf Badge art, 2010

Yuchi Coyote Hallway art, 2014-2015 Glass art, 2015

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Artist Credits
Old con reports and updates on LiveJournal
Fursuiter counts are from the Saturday parade.

Megaplex 15 (Aug 5-August 7, 2016)

Embassy Suites, Kissimmee Florida

1,860 Attendees, $8467.86 Raised for Charity
449 Fursuiters

Theme: British Invasion
Guests of Honor:
Cosmic Wuffy, Fursuiter
Kenket, Artist
Promo Video:
British Invasion
Musical Performance:
Fox Amoore & Pepper Coyote
Rhubarb the Bear & Cosmik

Megaplex 14 (July 31-August 2, 2015)

Orlando Airport Marriott, Orlando FL

1,472 Attendees, $6873.53 Raised for charity
359 Fursuiters

Theme: Cops & Robbers
Guests of Honor:
Fablefire, artist
Fizz Otter, artist
Promo Video:
Cops & Robbers
Musical Performance:
Fox Amoore & Friends
Rhubarb the Bear & Cosmik
Husky In Denial

Megaplex 13 (July 25-27, 2014)

Orlando Airport Marriott, Orlando FL

1,281 Attendees, $10,740.39 Raised for charity
320 Fursuiters

Theme: Candy Factory
Guests of Honor:
Mary Mouse, artist
TaniDaReal, artist
Musical Performance:
Fox Amoore & Friends
Rhubarb the Bear
Husky In Denial
Pepper Coyote
Bucktown Tiger

Megaplex 12 (July 26-28, 2013)

Orlando Airport Marriott, Orlando FL

821 Attendees, 185 Fursuiters

Theme: Rockin' at the Hop
Guests of Honor:
Fox Amoore, musician
Tirrel, flash artist
Promo Videos:
"You're The One That I Want" (animation by Tirrel)
"See You Again"
Musical Performance: Fosgate, Ferret Loan Officer

Megaplex 11 (July 27-29, 2012)

Worldgate Resort, Kissimmee FL

625 Attendees, 142 Fursuiters

Theme: Turning Back the Gears
Guest of Honor: Noel MacNeal, puppeteer, Bear in the Big Blue House
Special Guest: Ron Schneider, Disney's Dreamfinder
Musical Performance: Julie Bunny Must Die!

Megaplex 10 (July 29-31, 2011)

Worldgate Resort, Kissimmee FL

553 Attendees, 86 Fursuiters

Theme: Retro Arcade
Guest of Honor: Chad Krueger, artist
Musical Performance: Matthew Ebel

Megaplex 9 (July 23-25, 2010)

Radisson Worldgate, Kissimmee FL

410 Attendees, 81 Fursuiters

Theme: Mad, Mad Science
Guest of Honor: Paul Zaloom, TV's "Beakman", puppeteer
Musical Performance: Matthew Ebel

Megaplex 8 (July 24-26, 2009)

Radisson Worldgate, Kissimmee FL

425 Attendees, 80 Fursuiters

Theme: Toyland / Christmas in July
Guest of Honor: Big Blue Fox, fursuiter, DJ, graphic artist
Musical Performance: Matthew Ebel

Megaplex 7 (March 28-30, 2008)

Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk, Jacksonville FL

255 Attendees, 45 Fursuiters

Theme: Heroes & Villains
Guest of Honor: Adam Wan, graphic artist
Musical Performance: Matthew Ebel

Megaplex 6 (March 2-4, 2007)

Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk, Jacksonville FL

185 Attendees, 31 Fursuiters

Theme: Game Shows
Guest of Honor: Mike Kazaleh, animator and comic artist

Megaplex 5 (March 21-23, 2006)

Sheraton World Resort, Orlando FL

257 Attendees, 41 Fursuiters

Guest of Honor: Brian Reynolds, video games animation artist
Musical Performance: 42Five (now VoicePlay)

Megaplex 4 (March 11-13, 2005)

Sheraton World Resort, Orlando FL

387 Attendees, 32 Fursuiters

Theme: Road Trip
Guest of Honor: John Kennedy, puppeteer, Jim Henson's Muppets
Special Events: Orlando's Potpourri of Puppets

Megaplex 3 (March 19-21, 2004)

Sheraton Studio City, Orlando FL

357 Attendees, 23 Fursuiters

Theme: "MP3"
Guest of Honor: Trace Beaulieu, actor, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)
Musical Performance: Toxic Audio

Pawpet Megaplex 2 (March 21-23, 2003)

Sheraton Studio City, Orlando FL

197 Attendees

Guest of Honor: Susan Deer, comic strip writer/artist

Pawpet Megaplex 1 (March 8-10, 2002)

Ramada Resort and Convention Center, Orlando FL

126 Attendees